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Cable Car Timetable

Timetable Cable Car Taormina - Mazzaró - prices of tickets, parking

For information call: +39 0942 23906


From Taormina to Mazzaró -Taormina Mare by cable car


A cable car (Funivia) connects Taormina with its coastal part Mazzaró (Taormina Mare) in only 2 minutes.

You arrive at the beach of Isola Bella and the diving school of Taormina. The cable car of Taormina can be found in Via Luigi Pirandello, 3 minutes walk from Porta Messina.

Opening hours   Mon. 08.45 a.m. - 08.00 p.m.
Tue.-Sun. 07.45 a.m. - 08.00 p.m.
Cable Car Prices  

Adult one-way: € 3.00
Adult day ticket: € 10.00
Adult weekly ticket: € 30.00
Adult monthly ticket: € 50.00

Timetable   every 15 minutes

There are also special tickets (e.g. 10 fares) so that those of you using the cable car quite often can save some money.


Technical data of the Taormina cable car

Model   Cable car with gondolas
Number of gondolas   8
People per gondola   12 max.
Length horizontal   701.30 m
Length raked   725.32 m
Altitude difference   170.50 m 
Slope (maximum   68%
Distance from the ground (maximum)   30.05 m
Maximum speed   5 m/s


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