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Beach holidays in Sicily

Book cheap holiday apartments, hotels & houses in Sicily

The sunny island of Sicily – largest of all mediteranean isles and consisting of 9 provinces – is Italy's biggest and most southern federal region. The island's capital is Palermo.

Sicily is divided from the continent by the strait of Messina. At its narrowest point it are only 1.5 km to the Calabrian coast (ferry Messina).

For many Europeans Sicily resembles unknown territory, loaded with cliches like Etna, Mafia and lemons. But Sicily is more than that: This mediterranean italian island is like a breathtaking journey through centuries, culture and landscapes of unique nature.

Within the last years Siciliy has become increasingly interresting for tourism. From all over the world sun-worshippers as well as those interrested in history come to Sicily. In the wonderful mediterranean climate one can spend unforgettable holidays – no matter what season.

It is fascinating to discover the manifold cultural influences that made Sicily the unique place it is today.

Besides of the large and history loaden cities like Palermo, Catania, Messina, Agrigent and Syracuse there are many beautiful holiday places along the coast line of the island's various regions. The most famous of them all is without a doubt the area around Taormina, Giardini Naxos and Letojanni where tourism is prospering for decades already.

Only a few kilometres away from the touristic centres one can still experience the more authentical Sicily. Open hearted and friendly people transmit the picture of a civilization deeply rooted in its traditions and waiting to be discovered.

Sicily offers a variety of ways to spend some special holidays. From luxurious hotels to holiday houses, apartments and camping sites accomodation for every preferrence and budget can be found.

Holidays in Sicily means sun, sea, vitality and hospitality. Make your seaside holidays something special and spend them in Sicily.

Sights in Sicily

The most important monuments and sights in Sicily

In order to discover all there is worth seeing in Sicily one round trip probably will not be sufficient. Sicily has already enchanted many tourists who keep returning year after year.

The beautiful Taormina – 'Pearl of the eastern coast' – with its picturesque old town and historic sights like the antique greek theatre (Teatro greco) and Europe's biggest active volcanoe – the Etna – are most probably the best known tardemarks of Sicily's eastern coast, if not of the whole island.

Palermo is the island's capital and an architectural treasure, formed throughout many epochs by various cultural influences. All important foreign rules left their marks in the form of monumental examples of architecture.

At Sicily's southern coast – near Africa – the city of Agrigent with its valley of temples (Valle dei Templi) is the hottest place on the island. There you can marvel at the best preserved greek temples to be found surrounded by an impressive landscape and the mediterranean sea.

At the south-eastern peak of the island you will find Syracus – the world's capital in antique times – with its fantastic old town buildt of bright sandstone and an unique archeological area. A lot of tales are told about the city of Archimedes that wait to be discovered by the visitor.

The province of Enna – situated in the centre of Sicily – is the highest province of Italy with its characteristic capital Enna on a level of 1000 metres should be a part of every trip to Sicily. Only a few kilometres away from Enna at Piazza Amerina the famous Villa del Casale with its beautiful tesselations is definitely worth a visit.

Besides all these famous sicilian sights (without having mentioned all there are) the traveller can find and enjoy enchanting places and fantastic nature everywhere.

Seaside holidays in Sicily – Dream-beaches and coast lines in Sicily

As Sicily has a very various landscape you will be able to find allmost any kind of beach you can immagine. From steep coast lines to white sand and black lava beaches everything can be found. Innumerable picturesque bays invite you for a swim.

The many kilometres of coast lines increase the traveller's choice between more frequented and well equiped beaches and peaceful and quiet places.

Sicilian cuisine – Eating in Sicily

Restaurants in Sicily – Restaurant guide of Sicily

Besides of the climate and the sights many tourists appreciate the mediterranean cuisine. In Sicily one will find the probably best cuisine in the whole of Italy. Gormandize in the island's innumerable restaurants!

Pasta and Pizza are by far not the only thing that is offered. For further information please consult our restaurant guide!

Experience the variety! GoTaormina.com wishes you 'bon appetit'!

Things and facts worth knowing about Sicily

The language in Sicily

The Italian spoken in Sicily (il Siciliano) is rather difficult to understand for someone with only a rudimentary knowledge of the italian language because Sicilians tend to leave out whole sillables at the end of words.

Even native Italians sometimes have difficulties to fully understand a real sicilian.

Unfortunately, the chances to find an english-speaking Sicilian are not very good due to the lack of knowledge of foreign languages on the island.

However, this is changing more and more because of the growing importance of tourism. In the touristicaly best developed areas like Taormina to communicate in English and especially in German is no real problem.

People in Sicily

Generally spoken, Sicilians are very friendly people who prefer a rather relaxed lifestyle. The traditional lunch break between 1 and 4 pm during which most shops are closed is only one example.

Hurry and rush at work are proscribed in Sicily. So don't be astonished if the queue in the super market is getting shorter only very slowly or if the waiter needs a little extra time to bring the bill.

Another sicilian habit worth mentioning is the joy and will to celebrate. Sicilians are the unofficial kings of celebration and party!

No opportunity is missed to celebrate, no matter if it is a religious or cultural occasion.

Sicily's nature

Due to the geographical conditions large parts of Sicily are very sparsely populated and still embody the original Sicily that has not really changed since centuries.

Sicily is much more 'mountainous' than many tourists immagine. The largest mostly flat area is situated in the south of Catania. Besides of the Etna with its height of 3340 metres there are also some other mountains that clearly exceed the 1000 metres level. The island is covered by some mountain chaines and there are many places and villages difficult of access.

The mediterranean flora 'Macchia Mediterranea' is a delight for the eyes of every friend of nature. Innumerable cacti (Piante Grasse) shape the islands apperance.

The probably most beautiful area with the most colorful vegetation can be found at the eastern coast. With the giant Etna beeing something like a big cisterna and a guarantee for fertile ground this region has a clear advantage compared to the more central and southern areas.

The really dry central and southern areas suffer from droughts during summers which is the cause for their almost desert-like nature.

Airports in Sicily – Catania & Palermo

Airport Catania (CAT)   95121 Catania, Tel.+39 095 340505
Airport Palermo (PMO)   90045 Punta Raisi – Cinisi - Palermo, Tel.: +39 800-541880

Car rental Sicily

Many tourists rent a car in order to be able to travel though Sicily in a convenient and comfortable way.

Here you find the most inexpensive offer for car rentals in Sicily.


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