Trekking to the top of the San Bartolome mountain | Tarifa

The San Bartolome mountain is located on the end of the Bay of Tarifa, about 10 kms. out of the city. In order to get to the start of the trail, the best is you go by car to the small Betis village at the foot of the mountain. To do this, simply follow the road to Bolonia and turn to the left after about 5kms.
The trial itself leads from Betis to the top through a wood, where you have on the right side the famous climbing area of Betis Tarifa - one of the best in all Spain. When you get to the summit plateau, the first you have is a perfect view towards the Bolonia village and beaches around. 
Above your heads you'll see giant eagles flying in circles. They have here there home in the nature reserve. 
Now you should go to the left  (south) and follow the small path. After about 2 kms. walking through a pine wood, you will be rewarded with an exhilarating view. In the foreground you have the kite and windsurfing beach of Playa Valdevaqueros and behind, following the coastline you'll see Tarifa and more there the African coastline. 
Without any doubt one of the best views you can have in the surroundings of Tarifa!
One your way back you follow either the same way you came from, or you look for some of the small trails, which bring you more or less comfortable back to Betis.
After the rtour, you can get a drink in the small open air restaurant opposite to the parking place of Betis.
A really nice tour with some breathtaking views! Don't forget your camera!
San Bartolome Betis

"Trekking in Betis Tarifa"