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Travel Guide Taormina

Travel guide for Taormina and Sicily: inside tourism guide recommends where to go, what you must see and things to do during your holidays in Sicily. All attractions and places to visit are shown with numerous images, videos and reviews

Villa Comunale - Giardini Pubblici Taormina
You should not miss the Villa Comunale during your stay in Taormina.  Situated between the Corso Umberto and the Teatro Greco the municipal park of Taormina is a real pleasure for your eyes with its luscious greenery and exotic plants.... Find out more
98039 Taormina (Me), Messina,
Alcantara gorges - Gole dell'Alcantara
The Alcantara gorge in the hinterland of Taormina is a terrific spot in Sicily attracting numerous tourists every year. It is situated about 20 km from Taormina, and is a real feast for the eyes.     Impressive gorge formed by... Find out more
98030 Motta Camastra, Messina,
The fish market in Catania
Catania in Sicily has always been worth visiting. You can reach the fish market very easily by bus, by train or by car. The fish market is one of the biggest attractions in Catania.   The Pescheria ("fish market") is located off... Find out more
95121 Catania, Messina,
Mount Etna, the largest volcano of Italy
Visiting Taormina or Catania, you will be amazed by the fascinating scenery of the impressive volcano Mount Etna rising above the cities.  It is the tallest active volcano in Europe, currently standing 3,329 m (10,922 ft) high, though this... Find out more
95019 Zafferana Etnea, Messina,
Mount Etna Nature Reserve
The Etna Park, famous for the highest European active volcano, has been the first Park to be established in Sicily in 1987. The landscape of the park is variegated and extremely rich thanks to its eruptions and for its lava flows.  ... Find out more
95019 Zafferana Etnea, Messina,
Corvaja Palace - Taormina
Corvaja Palace / Palazzo Corvaja is a medieval Sicilian palace, dating from the 10th century. It was originally built by the Arabs and takes it name from the Corvaja family, who were amongst Taormina's most important aristocrats and owned it... Find out more
98039 Taormina (Me), Messina,
The Cathedral S. Nicola Taormina
The  Duomo - the Cathedral San Nicola - is located on the Piazza del Duomo. Here you'll also find a Baroque fountain with a centaur, the symbol of Taormina, is at the center of Piazza.     The Cathedral San Nicola - an... Find out more
98039 Taormina (Me), Messina,
Palazzo dei Duchi di S. Stefano Taormina
The Palazzo Duchi S. Stafano is located on the Via de Spuches right next to the town gate Porta Catania in Taormina.   It was the residence of the spanish aritocratic family De Spuches, dukes of Santo Stefano. The palazzo was built in the... Find out more
98039 Taormina (Me), Messina,
Taormina Ancient Theatre
The Teatro Greco / The Ancient Theatre is built for the most part of brick, and is therefore probably of Roman date, though the plan and arrangement are in accordance with those of Greek, rather than Roman, theatres; whence it is supposed that the... Find out more
98039 Taormina (Me), Messina,
The blue grotto of Taormina
Grotta Azzurra is a sea cave named after the blue reflection on the water in the grotto, that illuminates the cave completely.   The blue grotto or also called blue cave of Taormina " la Grotta Azzura" is located right by the... Find out more
98039 Taormina (Mazzaro), Messina,