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Important questions about cancelation


  1. Cancelation costs for apartments and houses

  2. Cancelation costs for hotel rooms




Cancelation costs for apartments and houses

The cancelation of a confirmed reservation has costs of cancelation.

These costs depend on the moment when the cancelation is being done.

The costs of cancelation are:

  1. withdrawl until 42 days before rental begin -> 40Euro cancelation fee

  2. withdrawl from 41 days until 29 days before rental begin -> 50% of the advanced deposit

  3. withdrawl until 28 days before rental begin -> no refund of the advanced deposit






Cancelation costs for hotel and hostal rooms

A confirmed reservation by Italian Real Estate Ltd. does not expire in case of not arriving at the begining of the rental. The hotel will keep the reservation up for one night.

A binding hotel reservation is only valid when explicitly confirmed by Italian Real Estate Ltd.. The tenant has to provide the possibility to receive our final confirmation by email or fax. If the final confirmation can not be forwarded (or not in time) due to tecnical problems in responsability of the tenant, the binding contract between the hotel/hostal and the tenant will still be kept up.

The hotel is allowed to charge cancelation costs from the client according to their terms and conditions in case of cancelation or not arriving of the client. Usually the cost of cancelation is the price of the first night.

If the tenant does not arrive in time in the first night and neither informed Italian Real Estate Ltd. about his delayed arrival, the hotel has the right to charge the cancelation costs according to their terms and conditions. The tenant has no claim to fulfilling or compensation in this case.


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