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Ancient Theatre Taormina

Complete event guide of things to see, musicals, ballet and theatre tickets for all events of the Ancient Theatre (Teatro Greco) in Taormina Sicily 2013

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23/08/2013 | 21:45     23/08/2013 | 23:59
Taormina | Teatro Antico
The Pooh and The Ensemble Symphony Orchestra
First announced date of the “Opera Seconda in Tour – Estate” by the Italian pop band “The Pooh”.   This time the tree musicians will play their great successes accompanied by the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra... view
22/08/2013 | 21:30     23/08/2013 | 00:30
Taormina | Teatro Antico
Eleonora Abbagnato at the Greek Theatre
One of the most famous and popular dancers in the world, l'etoile Eleonora Abbagnato dance at the Ancient Theatre in Taormina on August 22nd in an exclusive evening of dance with the stars of the Paris Opera, whose dance troupe turns 300 this... view
21/08/2013 | 21:30     21/08/2013 | 23:59
Taormina | Teatro Antico
Mario Galeani at the Greek Theatre
  On 21st August Mario Galeani will play on the stage of the Greek Theatre. He is the only Italian pianist “guest star” at the Royal Philarmonic in London. He will play music from Gerschwin, Verdi, Wagner, Chopin e Liztz... view
20/08/2013 | 21:00     20/08/2013 | 23:59
Taormina | Teatro Antico
Max Gazzè at the Greek Theatre
Ironic, great musician, Max Gazzè was one of the main personalities of the last edition of the Festival di Sanremo.   Max will be on stage at the Greek Theatre of Taormina on August 20.         view
18/08/2013 | 21:00     18/08/2013 | 23:59
Taormina | Teatro Antico
Ballet Company of the Vienna State Opera in Taormina
  The Ballet Company of the "Vienna State Opera" at the Greek Theatre of Taormina on 18 August 2013.   All the magic of great theater in an extraordinary journey that evokes the spirit of nineteenth-century Romanticism,... view
17/08/2013 | 21:30     17/08/2013 | 23:59
Taormina | Teatro Antico
Renzo Arbore e the Italian Orchestra
Renzo Arbore (born 1937) is an Italian TV host, showman, singer, musician, film actor and film director. An apt amateur clarinet player, in 1991 Arbore founded the Orchestra Italiana, a group of 15 artists with the aim to popularize Neapolitan... view